Jeff Davis Electric Co-op, Inc. (“JDEC”) hereby notifies you of its intent to perform routine operations, maintenance, and survey work over the next 12 months, some of which may occur on or near your property. As you know, following Hurricanes Laura and Delta, the JDEC system suffered extensive damage and we are continuing our work to repair and restore that damage, including evaluating our ability to construct a more resilient and redundant system to serve our Members’ needs. The work to be performed over the next 12 months is part of that process and will include the need to access a portion of your property; the use of geophysical and survey equipment; surveying, including both boundary and topographic; soil sampling, including soil borings environmental and permitting investigation activities; and any and all other inspections or investigations necessary or appropriate to plan and construct necessary restoration actions on JDEC’s system.

During this time, JDEC employees and JDEC contractors will be performing these activities. Please know that all work undertaken by JDEC and its agents or assigns shall be commenced and completed in a workmanlike manner. We sincerely appreciate your understanding and willingness to work with us to improve our electrical system.

Should you have any questions or wish to speak with someone about these activities, please call the Jennings office at 337-824-4330.