Underground Secondary Specifications

The specifications listed below must be followed for an installation to be considered valid

  1. Installation will be checked by Jeff Davis construction crew to verify depth and conduit type.
  2. No more than 2 90 degree bends per run will be allowed.
  3. 90 degree elbow (with encased conductor) to be installed in conjunction with three standoffs on takeoff pole. Extend conductor out of “L”. JDEC will install remaining conduit joints, stand-off brackets and weatherhead to establish riser.
  4. Conduit (with encased conductor) to be installed completely into the meter base.
  5. Conduit (with encased conductor) to be installed by member.
  6. Conduit (available for purchase through JDEC) is to be Schedule #80, gray type.
  7. Main breaker must be installed next to meter or on inside wall behind meter base. In cases where the furnished underground conductor establishes a point of contact other than on a structure wall, a main disconnect is required. Conductors between meter base and main breaker must be in approved conduit and copper.
  8. No cooperative-owned pole may be used for an underground service unless pre-approved by the cooperative.
  9. All specifications must be observed to be considered a valid installation. Failure to observe all of the above will be viewed as invalid, thus preventing a service to be energized.