Security Lighting

Jeff Davis Electric Co-op (JDEC) has a security light to fit your needs. A 100-watt yard light, the most commonly used, can be installed on any JDEC pole that has secondary voltage available. A 400 watt or 1000 watt flood light may also be installed if more light or directional lighting is required.

The security lighting has to be installed on a transformer pole or within one span. If you have existing service you will need to make an appointment with our engineering department to view the location.

Installation Fees

  • 100 Watt: $25
  • 400 Watt: $40
  • 1000 Watt: $40
  • If pole required: $200
  • If transformer required: $200

Security Lighting Form

Size Light(Required)
(What pole do you want light on? Light cannot be on meter pole.)
(Where do you want light facing?)
Member Consent(Required)