Payment & Billing

Payment Options

Billing Options

Levelized Billing

A consumer may choose the option of Levelized Billing. When choosing this service, each monthly bill will be calculated using the average of the 12 previous months of service.

This service is used to keep monthly bills, throughout the year, more consistent.

Bank Draft

A consumer may choose to have the monthly bill withdrawn directly from a personal checking account or any designated bank account.

The withdrawal from the account will be approximately at the same time of the month every month. Not only is this convenient, but practically eliminates late charges or interruption of service because of non-pay.

Bank Draft Sign Up Form

Meter Reading – Billing & Collection Schedule

The Cooperative’s contract meter readers shall obtain meter readings on a prescribed route as near to the same date each month as possible to give the member a representative billing.

When a meter reader fails to obtain a reading, for whatever reason, a bill will be estimated based on the average kilowatt-hours previously used monthly and the bill is so marked.

Cycle Billing

Cycle billing is done on a schedule each month near the:

  • 5th
  • 12th
  • 19th
  • 26th

Late Fees

Statements for electric service are considered due and payable when received by the member

  • Bill is considered late after 20 days
  • A 5% penalty is then applied
  • Bills are considered delinquent if payment is not received prior to next billing date