Overhead Service

It shall be the member’s responsibility to be in compliance with the National Electrical Code and any Governing Authority for all equipment beyond the point of connection. The member is advised to use the service of a qualified electrician to assure compliance with all codes and regulations.

  • Service cable from transformer to point of connection is furnished and installed by JDEC
  • Service entrance conductors from the point of connection to the meter base, to the main disconnect, furnished and installed by member. Service entrance conductors and main disconnect are to be sized according to the load, as required by the National Electrical Code or Governing Authority. An extension of 18 inches of service entrance conductor required at the service head.
  • Main disconnect furnished and installed by member and in accordance with the National Electrical Code. Where the main disconnect and/or other electrical equipment is mounted outside, it shall be of weatherproof and watertight design.
  • Service mast is furnished and installed by the member. Service Mast conduit sized as required by load, must be securely mounted schedule 80 PVC or rigid conduit, with a 3 strap minimum. Where all other conditions of these specifications are met, service entrance cable (Romex) is acceptable in place of a service mast.
  • Roof jack installations are furnished and installed by member. Conduit must be securely mounted with 2 inch rigid conduit. On Roof Jack installations, the minimum 24 inch roof clearance and 14 feet 6 inches of ground clearance above the finished grade shall be provided. In doing so, it will be member’s responsibility to provide adequate strength in, or support to the Roof Jack to safely withstand the strain imposed by the service cable. Meter base furnished by JDEC and installed by member on the outside of the building. Meter bases shall be mounted at 5 feet 6 inches above finished grade. K-10 (Service Masts) or conduit wire holder, K-10 L (Roof Jacks) furnished and installed by JDEC.
  • Meter base grounding, minimum, #6 soft drawn (s.d.) copper, in conduit from the meter base to the ground rod, furnished and installed by member. The meter base ground wire must be connected in the ground wire lug, where provided, and not in the service neutral lug. Ground wire from the meter base to the weather head, minimum, #6 soft drawn (s.d.) copper, is furnished and installed by the member:
    In cases where Service Masts are required: a ground wire (outside of the PVC or Romex) must extend 18 inches.
    In cases where Roof Jacks are required and conductor is enclosed within 2 inch galvanized conduit: A ground wire is not required.
  • Ground rod, 5/8 inches by 8 feet galvanized or 1/2 inches by 8 feet copper, furnished and installed by member. Ground rod is to be set 1 inch below finished grade. Ground Rod is to be set in accordance with the National Electrical Code.
  • Variations of this design may be considered equal as long as National Electrical Code requirements are met. (To assure acceptability where variations arise, contact JDEC prior to installation.)
  • Inspection: If a Governing Authority requires authorization, it will be acquired before JDEC will connect service.